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Working Group to Draft NGO Code of Conduct

As the number of NGOs working in Mongolia increases, there is an increasing need to ensure a certain level of quality and accountability among NGOs. There is a growing awareness among NGOs that having defined standards for NGO good practice could help to ensure the legitimacy and credibility of NGOs by means of accountable guidelines.

In February, 2007, a working group established on the initiative of the Democracy Education Center developed draft NGO Ethical Principles to promote the openness and accountability of the NGO sector.

Purpose of Working Group

  • To take the leading role in the development and delivery of a draft NGO Code of Conduct applicable to all interested NGOs that are willing to commit their organizations to strengthening NGO accountability and good practice.

Working Group to draft the NGO Code of Conduct

  1. Ts. Ariunaa – Arts Council of Mongolia
  2. Kh. Naranjargal - Globe Int’l
  3. N. Urantsooj – Center for Human Rights and Development
  4. O. Tserennadmid – Zorig Foundation
  5. T. Undarya – Independent Consultant
  6. G. Undral – DEMO