Current Code Signatories

(as of May 1, 2007)

(Mongolian, English PDF version)

Democracy Education Center   Amnesty International Mongolia
Mongolian Education Alliance   Mongolian Women’s National NGO Network
Bertsetseg NGO   Mongolian Women’s Fund
Globe International   Mongolian Men’s Association
Princess Center   Orkhon-XXI Century Information Center
National AIDS Foundation   Social Welfare and Cooperation Foundation
Zorig Foundation   Open Society Forum
Citizens Alliance Center   National Volunteers Network
Mongolian Family Welfare Association   Steps Without Borders NGO
Mongolian Students Association   Mongolian Rural Women Support Center
Mongolian Volunteer’s Association   Center for Human Rights and Development
Mongolian Scouts Association   National Center Against Violence
Arts Council of Mongolia   Press Institute of Mongolia
Mongolian Development Gateway   Mongolian E-Knowledge
Mongolian Employers Federation  
“Service for Peace” National Movement
Mongolian Dream- Beautiful Mongolia  
Development Solutions