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Appeal by human rights and pro-democracy NGOs of Mongolia To Mr. Demberel Damdin, Speaker of the Parliament of Mongolia,
Mr. Bat-Erdedne Badmaanyambuu, Chief of...
Research work “Internal Democracy within the Mongolian Political Parties” The research work“Internal Democracy within the Mongolian Political Parties” was conducted by Mr. Gerelt-Od Er...
Survey “International NGOs in Mongolia” The nationwide survey “International NGOs in Mongolia” was conducted by Mr. Byambajav Dalaibuyan, lecturer of...
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2004-08-23  OVERVIEW OF THE MONGOLIAN NGO COMMUNITY: Legal environment, types & classification, financial sources & fundraising, and taxation of NGOs Undral Gombodorj Director Democracy Education Center (DEMO) Mongolia

There has been significant growth of non-government organizations (NGO's) in Mongolia since transition from centrally controlled to a more open society. Several dimensions of the NGO sector are important to understand the current situation of Mongolian NGOs. Four dimensions stand out: the legal

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